Trenton Flyers is a group of aviation-minded folks based out of the Edgefield County Airport in Trenton, SC.
We represent those who have an interest in flying, and welcome members regardless of their fixed base or what they fly.

Our Mission Statement
  • To promote, without profit, interest in flying.
  • To develop a fraternal attitude among all its members and to all persons involved in or interested in flying.
  • To express a positive, friendly and helpful attitude to those interested in flying and those exposed to our sport.
  • To stimulate interest in safe flight for the improvement and growth of the sport.

Flying can be more than a dream

The recently enacted Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot regulations have brought the cost of eligible aircraft and flight training down to affordable levels. Simple, easy to maintain aircraft and streamlined training requirements provide opportunities within the reach of many. Single seat or two, two or four cycle power, open or closed cockpit, fixed wing, trike, powered parachute or gyro, there are many ways to experience the thrill of flight from your own aircraft.

Throttle back to idle, a full-rudder slip, and the Fleet and I fall sideways toward the ground. Wind in the flying wires, that gentle good sound, the slow pok-pok of the old engine loafing its propeller around. Goggles up to better watch the landing. Cornstalks a green-leaf jungle swishing close below, flicker of a fence and then just-cut hay as far as I could see. Stick and rudder-out of the slip, a nice little round-out above the land, hay brushing the tires, then the familiar calm crashing rattle of hard ground under-wheel, slowing, slowing and now a quick burst of noise and power to taxi beside the other plane and stop. Throttle back, switch off, the soft clack-clack of the propeller spinning down to a stop in the total quiet of July.”

From the book "Illusions" by Richard Bach