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Douglas Elementary Vehicle Day

posted May 27, 2010, 1:17 PM by Trenton Flyers   [ updated May 27, 2010, 1:42 PM by Benjamin Richardson ]
I will admit to being a little less than thrilled at the initial invitation, through a third party, to bring a plane to Douglas Elementary and talk to the kids about it from 8:30-11am.  Nursery in church is only an hour then we hand 'em back; two and a half hours with the little buggers?  Hmmm...  Turns out we were only getting part of the story as we were just a small player in their Vehicle Day outing.  A fantastic idea and a hoot to boot!  Airplane, boat, backhoe, ambulance, fire truck, tractor trailer, stretch limo, bucket truck, racing Camero(?) and a VW Bug that will run 103mph in the 1/8th mile.  Probably others I've missed.  A nice year-end treat for the kids and we enjoyed ourselves throughly.  Sign me up for the next one.

See all the photos I took HERE.

See the Certificate of Appreciation we received HERE.  I'll post the original in the club house.

Thanks to Johnny, Linda, David and Eddie for helping, and to the teachers and kids at Douglas Elementary for inviting us.