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W.E. Parker 4K Visit

posted Nov 12, 2010, 1:57 PM by Trenton Flyers   [ updated Nov 12, 2010, 2:40 PM by Benjamin Richardson ]
For the second year in a row we had the pleasure of hosting the WE Parker 4K class on their airport field trip.  Around 40 young folks, along with their teachers and chaperons, endured a not-brief-enough video in the clubhouse before being let loose for some fun hands-on with a number of Trenton Flyer aircraft.  Planners for next years trip will be relieved to know the video has been dispatched to the gibbet, to serve as a warning for those who hold similar ideas of an easy time filler.  The attention span of a 4 year old marvelously limited.
Once released from the dank and gloomy confines the kids enjoyed playing pilot in Billy's Colt, Johnny's PPC and the club's Kolb-clone airframe.  A number of Trenton Flyer's were on hand to discuss the operation of the aircraft and answer any questions.  Shack graciously accepted a last-minute request to fly a couple of patterns for the kids in his Kolb and did a great job.
Thanks to all the folks from WE Parker for coming out to visit, to Linda for taking most of the photos and to the other Trenton Flyers who helped: Johnny, Keith, Robert, Billy, Donald and Shack.

You can view all of the photos taken HERE.