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Bill Alexander

Bill Alexander-Trenton Flyers 2007 Club President
Bill Alexander was elected by unanimous  vote in February 2007. Bill is a founding member of Trenton Flyers and is an avid aviation enthusiast, outdoorsman, and adventurer.

Trenton Flyers Reno Air Race Trip-Reno, Nevada

Bill and his Posse'-Downtown San Fran-2005

Bill gets his water wings from Robert Broadwell at Shealy's airstrip on Lake Murray
Bill: "Nothing to it....turn me around and watch the show"
Robert: "Flip this thing over and I'll be after you faster than a boar hog after a corn cob"

Some of Bill's Toys

Bill was a Powered Parachute Enthusiast and Instructor
Award Kolb Firestar
Award Hound
Onset of Vertical Penetration
River Fly
Fly-by: Shealy's at Lake Murray
Some Aero in Ron Awad's RV
Rolling this RV is so easy a Cave Man can do it!
Big Champs...Win Awards at the Fly-Ins
2007 16,500 mile Cross Country Trip
Trenton Flyers' Bill Alexander on the Road to Prudhoe Bay. Round Trip from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay is about 1100 miles..and is mostly dirt.
Reno Bike Ride 2005
"had enough of these scooters....lets play a little black jack
Bill & Charlie Plunkett ("The Peg Draggers")- Lake Tahoe-2005
Red Racer Alexander-Northern California 2005
Trenton Flyers Box Seats-Reno Air Races-2005
Bill, Patrick, Charlie, Steve, Jim, Robert, Joe
Northern California Bike Ride-After Reno Air Races
Snow Play Day-Bills Kolb - Joe Smith's Air Strip