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Dave Gardner

Dave and Tammy Gardner joined Trenton Flyers in October 2005. They are based over in Twin Lakes. After meeting Dave and Tammy, we discovered that they have a very interesting collection of adventures related to flying.  Dave was Vice President of Trenton Flyers in Febraury of 2007.
Dave & Tammy enjoy many hobbies and adventures.  He has been skydiving for 28 years and is a master skydiver holding all licenses available.  He has performed for military air shows and has jumped out of many aircraft including:  balloons, gliders, Marine helicopters and a C-130.  He jumped into his 20th high school reunion too.  In 1982 he learned to fly a C-152 at Meadowlark airport in Huntington Beach and holds a private pilot license with glider and balloon add on ratings.  He is a current ultralight instructor-examiner pilot with nearly 2000 total hours, flying many types of these small aircraft.  David recently built and flew an ultralight from Dana Point, CA to Dayton, OH and on to Kitty Hawk, NC to honor the Wright brothers 100 years of flight.


 § 5,000+ miles traveled

§ 58 stops

§ 19 states

§ 500 gallons of fuel

§ 132 hours flown in approximately 3 ½ weeks

§ No G.P.S.

§ No mechanical problems and no accidents

§ 45 lessons given

§   A great experience, a lot of fun, great people, and all at no expense to the taxpayer.

Dave's RANS S-12-Built by Dave, Tammy and fine friends.
Inspite of the fact that it has flown coast to coast....and god only knows elsewhere
It is an immaculate aircraft.

Dave's Bio-Click Here!!

Dave and Tammy at Trenton Flyers base October 2005

Dave and Brother John on Coast to Coast Cross Country
Dana Point, CA to Dayton, OH and on to Kitty Hawk, NC to honor the Wright brothers 100 years of flight!
Dave gets a flight in the Wright  "B" Flyer-100 Years of Flight Celebration
The Wright "B" Flyer was constructed to honor the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers and promote Dayton, Ohio as the "Leader in Flight,". The original Wright B Flyer was designed to provide pilot training and reconnaissance for the US Army Signal Corps from 1911 to 1914. (Click here to view a copy of the original contract.)

Full Story on the Wright "B" Flyer

I've Got the Paper Work to Prove it.....!!!

Xair Flight: Dillon SC -> Manila AR

Dave and friend / former student Vern Graham ferried Vern's newly purchased 582 powered Xair from Dillon, South Carolina to Manila, Arkansas in a 3 day, 15 flying hour trip.  There is no fear of two strokes with a Trenton Flyer.  Weather was reported as low ceilings the entire trip, very smooth air with isolated thunderstorms.

Dave reports friendly folks at every stop along the way, an impromptu interview from a lonely news photographer at an airport north of Memphis and a huge catfish fry upon arrival in Manila.  There was some other talk about beer, cheap women, a dare and low bridges that I failed to write down.  We wish Vern many enjoyable, safe hours behind the stick of his new aircraft.

Dillon to Twin Lakes: Sitting out a thunderstorm at the former Sizemore's strip in Aiken.
Finally made it to Twin Lakes. Aircraft washed and serviced. And serviced. And serviced.

East coast summer haze.

Pretty part of the country.

Not many safe landing spots.

Almost there.  Victory roll over the Mississippi.

Lots of visibility in the Xair.

Finally at the new home.