A few examples of the types of aircraft we fly.
  • Fixed Wing (Airplane)
  • Rotary Wing (Helicopter, Gyrocopter)
  • Weight Shift (Trikes)
  • Powered Parachutes
At one time or another, aircraft of each type have been based at the Trenton Airport.

Quicksilver Sprint, Single & Two Seat
One of the earliest powered ultralights, the Quicksilvers date from the late 70's.  A flying lawn chair, the Quicksilver is constructed of bolted together aluminum tubes with the flying surfaces covered by pre-sewn dacron slip covers.  Power is generally by Rotax two cylinder, two cycle engines; 40hp for the single seat and 65hp for the two seat.  The Sprint is a very docile aircraft to fly and as such is often used for ultralight flight instruction.  Their deceivingly strong construction holds up well to the learning curve of the pilot-to-be.  You won't have any more fun on a calm summer evening than being up in a Sprint.  Cheap to fly and maintain, figure on the singe seat a cruise speed of 45mph while burning 3 gallons per hour of auto fuel.  Add 5mph and 1gph for the two seat.